“Kepta Bulgaria" Ltd. and industrial concrete and polymer floorings

KEPTA is specialized in the design and construction of industrial floorings. We provide customized individual solutions for each specific case in each industry with a professional approach, high level of execution and implementation and leading technologies. Combining our knowledge and experience with the high-quality products we use enables us to obtain maximum results in every single case.

However, KEPTA means much more than an industrial flooring contractor. KEPTA is a system – a well-functioning and proven system consisting of the appropriate combining fusion of several important elements:

  • expert experience in the field of design, especially in seamless join-less and joint-free concrete floorings;
  • development of an individual design, consisting of: respective static calculations, planning sizing, construction methodology, bill of quantities, development of specific details and drawings;
  • use of high-quality products;
  • qualified and experienced workers;
  • well-developed internal company procedures;
  • the best possible equipment to guarantee a high level of working.

These key elements enable us to achieve maximum results for each floor. Our goal is to provide customized end-to-end solutions to meet all our clients’ requirements, from design to implementation.

  • We are responsible for our commitments!
  • We offer the most competitive prices!
  • We respect the agreed deadlines!
Leader in the construction of industrial and decorative flooring! +10 years of experience

Why to choose "Kepta Bulgaria" EOOD

Our team offers the most precise and modern solutions in such a way that our partners receive a product that meets and even exceeds their expectations.

Our goal is to jointly build a partnership relationship with the client based on the good results achieved on the construction site.

We have over 10+ years of experience in the field of industrial floorings. They taught us to give quick and effective solutions, even more in critical situations. We have an individual approach to each new project and put effort and knowledge into the design and precise execution of the required product.

The types of floors and services we offer are the following: