EXTERNAL CONCRETE FLOORS (reinforced or unreinforced) are in many cases without an alternative solution, given the characteristics of asphalt concrete ones. Their design and implementation are legally guaranteed - BDS EN 13877-1:2020 Concrete pavements, Part I: Materials (resp. National Annex NA:2020) and BDS EN 13877-2:2020 Concrete pavements, Part II: Functional requirements (resp. National Application NA:2020)

The reserves in this case are mainly focused on the probability that, with incorrect design and implementation, their serviceability will be compromised - most often through manifestations and gradual escalation of delamination on the finish surface.

If timely and adequate measures are not taken to control the situation, this will inevitably deepen the defect, in particular reaching reinforcement (if present), and provoking additional development of corrosion processes. The main reason for such behavior is sought from the cyclic "freeze-thaw", most often in the presence of icing agents - chemical salts, as usual. This makes the repair of such pavements a difficult and expensive, and in some cases even an impossible technical task.

Unfortunately, even with correct designed and constructed pavement and precise specification of  the concrete mix design used (compressive strength class and correct specifying of environmental factors, and treatment with different types of protective products, the final result in many cases is difficult to predict.

The reasons for this can be numerous, and the processes for achieving a lasting positive result are difficult to manage by the flooring contractor, given the specific involvement of couple of independent - participants in the investment process.

In our long-term practice, we have repeatedly looked for different options to achieve a satisfactory end result, but without much success. Until now. To this point, where after dedicated prolonged efforts we have come to develop KEPTA ExTERNAL.



is an innovative system for the construction of reinforced and unreinforced external concrete pavements with increased durability and operating resistance in ordinary and aggressive conditions. It is based on precisely specified concrete mix design and the effective action of the latest generation of innovative chemical admixtures. They react catalytically with the products of cement hydration in the concrete and form new hard insoluble compounds that dynamically fill and tightly close the capillary-porous structure of the concrete section throughout its depth.

A characteristic feature of the new technology is that in the presence of water and moisture of different origins in permanent operating periods, additional reactions are resumed and activated in a timely manner, new hydrate structures are formed, and this permanently stops the penetration of water and aggressive agents into the concrete section. There is also a remarkable ability to autogenously fill (close) micro-cracks that have appeared in the concrete section (self-healing ability). The pavement constructed in this way has an increased resistance to the harmful influence of de-icing agents in combination with harmful atmospheric influences, carbonization, free-thaw cycles , chemical aggression, etc.

KEPTA ExTERNAL – an innovative and proven secure solution!