KEPTA BULGARIA has developed an innovative JOINT-FREE KePTONITE® system

The latest trends in the construction of industrial concrete floors are related to the design and construction of the so-called JOINT-FREE high-strength jointless floorings with control and compensation of the free volume deformations of the concrete. This type of floorings is significantly superior to the conventional "conditionally joint-less" JOINT-LESS concrete floorings that have been implemented dominantly until now - they are incorrectly called "jointless", because in practice the term JOINT-LESS literally means with fewer joints, only.

Following global trends, KEPTA BULGARIA has developed an innovative JOINT-FREE KePTONITE® system, intended for the design and implementation of jointless industrial conventional and hybrid fiber-reinforced concrete floorings with control of the free volume deformations of the concrete at predicted values ​​of shrinkage compensation.

The development of the KePTONITE® system took our team two years of continuous efforts, countless experiments in laboratory conditions, production and testing of trial mixes, as well as industrial experiments in real production conditions.

The testing and implementation of this innovative system was a complex process accompanied with many challenges of a different nature.

. As a result of these efforts, we can confidently state that the system developed by us has proven its advantages and reliability, having already been implemented and applied in the construction of a number of important industrial projects, namely:

  • Globalpharma, Sofia – 3,000 m2;
  • Praktiker "Druzhba", Sofia - 8,000 m2;
  • Logistics park Varna, building A5 - 15,000 m2;
  • AIKO Logistics Center - Sofia - 8,000 m2;
  • BPD Ring Road Logistics Center, Sofia, - 4,000 m 2;
  • MD Electronics, town of Vratsa – 7,000 m2;
  • KAM Logistics Center, Skopje – 15,000 m2;
  • Quehenberger Logistics Center, Skopje – 7500 m2;
  • Alkaloid, Skopje - 1700 m2;
  • Renovation of st. b. walls and bottom of the "Zapaden Park" LAKE, city of Sofia, through innovative dispersion-reinforcement systems through wet shotcrete of decorative lake "Zapaden Park", city of Sofia - 2,000 m2;
  • Jointless monolithic systems with zero-shrinkage concrete drying - STRETCHING MACHINE, ETEM, Sofia.


Given the possibility of balanced to full mastery of volumetric free deformations of concrete, the opening of the steel-joints in KePTONITE® floorings is significantly less compared to that of JOINTLESS flooring. This is of extremely great importance in the process of efficient operation of floors in warehouses and logistics centers, which are subject to intense traffic from forklifts and pallet-carts of various types.

It is not to be underestimated the fact that the KePTONITE® floorings, in principle, contain the potential, with a reduced concrete cross-section, to take on greater loads, compared to the commonly performed "conditionally jointless" floorings of the JOINTLESS type.

KePTONITE® is preferable to conventional jointless floorings because:

  • its higher load-bearingg capacity with reduced thickness;
  • minimal opening of expansion profiles;
  • initial and long-term control of volume deformations of concrete;
  • minimized internal stresses, respectively minimized risk of cracking;
  • the field area is not limited;
  • no restrictions on field geometry;
  • ergonomics and comfort of operation;
  • easier maintenance.