Polished concrete

Polished concrete floors are rapidly gaining popularity due to the combination of high structural and surface strength, long service life, attractive appearance, easy maintenance and environmental friendliness. Polished concrete floors have great advantages – there is no risk of delamination (surface superficial exfoliation in layers ), resistance to active wear and the possibility of very easy and quick restoration. This type of industrial floorings is achieved by combining mechanical grinding and polishing processes with industrial diamond abrasives, penetrating liquid hardening crystallizers, sealants, colorants and surface impregnants. Polished concrete floors meet the requirements of the LEED Certificate standard for environmentally friendly materials, which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications – public buildings with increased hygienic, decorative or even design requirements – airports, office buildings, shopping centers, grocery stores, hospitals, warehouses and others. The system is a combination of unique products penetrating deep into the concrete section, where through chemical transformation the softer and relatively soluble products of cement hydration are transformed into highly resistant compounds with exceptional strength and hardness. They also ensure a long-lasting and permanent increase in the compactness and hydrophobicity of the surface by filling the open connected porosity of the concrete with insoluble calcium silicate products (C-S-H – gel). Last but not least, these additional chemical interactions, in addition to hardening the surface, also contribute to increasing the aesthetic characteristics of a concrete surface. The treated surfaces are resistant to abrasion and wear, eliminate dusting, reduce the absorption of liquids and pollutants, and facilitate cleaning. With regular maintenance and proper cleaning of the floors, a very pleasant-looking floor covering with a soft shine, high smoothness and an extremely strong surface layer is achieved. Polished concrete floors with aggregates selected in size, size, composition and color, so-called “Stone Terazzo”, can be designed and executed.